Small Group Sessions

Improve your Technical Abilities and Tactical Knowledge

“I remember my first training session with West Brom, the speed the ball and the game moved at was so quick. My first touch was poor; I’d never really experienced training sessions at that tempo. Also Tactically I played as a center back for a number of years before I went away. We receive positon specific training in West Brom, I learned so much in just one session about the movements required to play in the position, I’d never really thought about it that much before.”

Dara O'Shea, West Bromwich Albion

About our sessions

Our small group sessions are designed to improve the players:

  • Technical Abilities
  • Tactical Knowledge

Often within team or group sessions, players can leave feeling unsatisfied with their understanding of their role, or having lacked time to master their technical execution. Within our small group programs the player will gain a greater tactical knowledge of the qualities required for their position, and gain repetitive technical practice designed for their position.

Football elements

Within our methodology we feel it is vital for players to understand the tactical elements of the game. Our attention is not to only challenge the players technically during these sessions, but to focus on the development of the brain, stimulating the players and
challenging them to focus at all times.

Our small group sessions are 60 minutes long, with a max ratio of 1 coach to 5 players.


Our small group sessions are 60 minutes long, with a max ratio of 1 coach to 5 players.


Small group sessions cater for players from u8s to u16s.


Small group sessions are €100 for 4 sessions. Please note that these sessions are paid for in a 4 week block. Please see Terms and conditions tab for the cancellation policy.


Wednesday: 16:00-17:00: u8’s-u11’s

Wednesday: 17:00-18:00 u12’s-u16’s


Gain the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to go pro 


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