Study & Play abroad - Education

The college is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education (, similar to the likes of Princeton, Columbia University, Cornell etc. So the receiving college would have to refuse these institutions as well which is unlikely.

It is ultimately at the discretion of the receiving college but as stated above it is highly likely they would accept the credit transfer prior to enrolling.

It depends on the time spent abroad. We would suggest between 3 and 6 over a three-month period so as not to be overloaded alongside a full-time soccer program.

If that major is offered at our partner education institution, then yes.

Our registrar will issue an official transcript to the receiving college.

Usually, 2.0 minimum required.

BFA in Creative Writing AFA in Musical Theatre BFA in Musical Theatre BFA in Performing Arts BA in International Business BA in Hospitality Management BA in Event Management Graduate programs MFA in Creative Writing MFA in Creative Writing Practice MFA in Performance MFA in Music for Motion Pictures MFA in Fashion Design MS in Performance Coaching MB in International Business MBA in International Business MBA in Oil and Gas Management QQI awards Undergraduate programs BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts BA (Hons) in International Business

American College Dublin

If you are staying longer than 90 days then yes. The study visa is applied for when in the country by and online process.

We do not have scholarships for study & train abroad.

The courses are offered through English.

We have staff to help you settle in and also offer 24/7 phone line to talk to a counsellor through our school program.

When the student has time to enjoy the process so usually, high school or between high school and before college or the second / third year of a four year college course.

Usually general education subjects but this is flexible.
Experiencing another culture and making friends for life. Usually this is highly regarded on a CV/resume.

That is up to the college admission team but it is generally highly regarded. During our 3 & 6 month programs we will be introducing players to video analysis along as well as recording all scrimmages to help the play develop game intelligence and can help with producing a video to enhance your child’s opportunity of a scholarship.

No, this is only offered for full time students through the Title IV Federal Aid.

Ireland is a safe country with very low crime rates. We have had little or no incidents with students over the 27 years the college has been operating.

We would expect 5-7 contact hours per week plus study time. In order to successfully complete and receive the college credits.

The method of delivery is based on tutoring as opposed to lecture driven. Faculty are available to help with tutoring.

This is dependent on how long they study abroad for but we would aim for 3-6 credits per three months of study.

The experience of living abroad in another culture will always stand to them in their career along with the education they will receive as a soccer player and game intelligence. For our 3–9-month courses we will work with the Football Association of Ireland to deliver coach education courses.

The academic offices at the home college/university can speak to ours in advance and make sure the credits will count towards graduation.